Driven by recent code updates, electrical safety and personnel training has become essential for building owners, managers and service personnel. The 2014 NEC (NFPA 70) requires electrical equipment likely to require examination, adjustment or service while energized to be field marked with Arc Flash Hazard Warning labels to notify service personnel of the potential Arc Flash hazards they can expect to encounter. The code requires each label to include nominal system voltage, Arc Flash boundary, and one of the following: available incident energy and corresponding working distance or Arc Flash PPE category, minimum Arc rating of clothing, or site-specific PPE levels.

Proper breaker coordination plays an important role in site reliability. It is imperative that a fault be isolated as close to its source as possible so it does not cause upstream cascade tripping of breakers. With the use of adjustable electronic trip breakers, Professional Engineers Inc. can mitigate upstream cascade tripping through power system modeling and time trip curve analysis. Our team utilizes SKM Power Systems Analysis (ETAP and EDSA) software in preparation of power system studies for Breaker Coordination and Arc Flash Hazard Analysis.

Electrical safety is not complete without a published Electrical Safety Program on site and includes periodic safety training. Professional Engineers Inc. has prepared the electrical safety program and designed Arc Flash Warning Labels for the top five Mission Critical data centers, and one of the top telecommunications firms in the USA. We can work directly with your safety personnel and service vendors to customize a safety program that meets your needs and is NFPA 70E compliant. Professional Engineers, Inc. prepares power studies for the following:

- Risk Management

- Electrical Safety

- Electrical Reliability

- Power Flow Analysis

- Fault Current Analysis

- Breaker Coordination

- Ground Fault Coordination

- Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

- Arc Flash Warning Labels

Arc Flash & Breaker Coordination

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